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The Founder

It all started with experimenting with my plants and weaving stories around them, inspired by all the trips I made, people I met, and stories I lived or read.

For those who have not yet joined our family of plant and nature lovers on Instagram, let me introduce myself and my team. 

Hi, my name is Rajlaxmi, and I, along with my team, create hand-made plant arrangements and terrariums. When I say "team", I mean Mohan, the spine of our brand, and my bonsai guru! We also have Django & Mamboo, who love being around the plants and admire greenery just as much as we do.

I love to travel and explore different places. I don't live in one place. I often leave for the mountains cause that's where I wish to belong. I often collected local arts and handcrafted pieces that I would use in my plant arrangements and terrariums with these trips. And, that's the reason I am dedicated to offering my platform to support the brands, local sellers, and ideas that I genuinely believe in.

My team and I carefully pick every product in the store to meet the needs of urban Indian homes. All our products are-

  • Proudly hand-made in India. Because our choices matter.
  • Fairly priced to help small-scale artisans sustain themselves.

So far, it has been a beautiful and humbling journey for Planting Stories, and I hope you all will support us in this new chapter too!

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