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The Story of Ksamah - a sustainable living brand

The Story of Ksamah - a sustainable living brand
"It's not about saving the Planet, it's about saving ourselves - a very beautiful and apt saying by Sir David Attenborough." says Pragati while sharing her story with us.

"My eco-conscious journey began with following the Recycle - Reduce waste ways of my family for many years and also with following my brother who was associated with the Save Aarey Movement of Mumbai City. Being an introvert and a private person - I loved being at sea and beaches. Watching waves was my medicine. It used to give me peace. But through the past years, Mumbai beaches are like walking through plastic bags & plastic bottles.

To bring the old days back and give Earth the last chance it deserves, I decided to start my venture, KSAMAH (pronounced as sha-ma-h), promoting sustainable living. The name is derived from a Sanskrit word - meaning 'Pure as God'.

This is also my idea to empower my life in its second innings. My mission is to aid each and every citizen of the world to do their small bit to prevent earth crisis. Your work fills a large part of your life, and I am truly satisfied to be a part of KSAMAH at this juncture of my life.

While working on this start-up, we realized that people face two main issues while switching to a more sustainable lifestyle-

a) They don't get eco-friendly alternatives that easily.

b) When they do, the alternatives are dull & not well made. They are not designed properly, not well researched.

KSAMAH gives you a choice to be environmentally conscious in well-designed - environment theme-based products which are the best green, easy and viable options for people. To adopt and return to a lifestyle that was practiced by our elders, to take care of one’s health and the Planet is what we want us, humans, to do. We have also eliminated plastic in our packaging in every way possible."

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