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The story behind ReStory - a unique sustainable décor brand!

The story behind ReStory - a unique sustainable décor brand!
"For years, decor and plants have been an integral part of beautifying homes; however, it is much more than that today. To have a livable future on earth, every action, big or small counts." says Arohi Dalwadi, founder ReStory.

"With a strong innate design sense, I wanted to reach into numerous homes with a product that is not only so unique in its form and style, but also has a compelling message - making eco-conscious choices don't necessarily have to be earthy, boxy and boring."

She further adds, "At ReStory, we believe sustainability is in every individual's hands. We aim at giving a new "story" to waste materials through our unique, sustainable décor products. As we thrive towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle, we are proud to showcase how sustainable products can be innovative, diverse and affordable. We believe in supporting small businesses by sourcing all our recyclable materials from local factories in and around Mumbai. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure minimal impact on the environment."

"ReStory offers a unique selection of modern and edgy planters that are functional yet unique in form and trendy yet subtle. Our designs reflect global trends for a variety of audiences that are tired of choosing between overpriced products and inexpensive environment-harming plastic products."

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