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The story behind Chinhhari arts - celebrating the art of Chhattisgarh

The story behind Chinhhari arts - celebrating the art of Chhattisgarh
"Chinhhari arts work with artists of Chhattisgarh and showcase the tribal and handmade art form to the world. The product range includes wrought iron (pitwa kala), wooden, bamboo and bell metal (dhokra) handicrafts." says Divya Shrivastava and Ashish Patel, founder, Chinhhari Arts.

"We have a wide range of home and garden decor products that are unique, eye-catching & artistic. The products you will find here are rare and will give your home/garden/office an astonishing and impressive appearance. All the products are a perfect combination of Antique yet contemporary Displays."

"The products are handcrafted and are made in the very land where the skills are practiced, perfected & passed on to future generations. Along with the artisans, their families also toil to bring the final products out of their humble huts. Thus, every piece represents a part of the artist's life and carries a bit of the soul of the creator."

"As individuals, we both are poles apart, but our love for travel and art makes us BFFs, bae & everything else. We love to spend time in nature and also with our four-legged fur babies. We both left our corporate jobs to live a Dream and when we look back, we accomplished fairly well and have a festive life with Chinhhari arts, our kids & our remarkable team."

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