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The story behind Button Curry - creating something beautiful for every home!

The story behind Button Curry - creating something beautiful for every home!

"What good is a bowl or a plate with nothing to put in it? We think a lot about food—we think about the joy it brings us. We think about the food we ate as children, and we think about the food we get to feed ourselves.

Celebrating the simple pleasures of shared meals, rituals and conversations with loved ones. Eating together is something that makes us human." says Roshni Merchant and Pritpal Singh, founder Button Curry.

"We always had an inclination towards making things with our own hands. However, when things are taken for granted, we stop realizing and appreciating the values hidden in simple objects.

The fascination of clay, understanding the material- what makes it malleable and magical, and finally, building an intimate familiarity between maker and material - that's the idea behind everything we do here at Button Curry."

We work with ceramic clay- the alchemy of earth + water + fire + space + air to make something we use every day."

They further added, "We are a team of two, husband and wife. We play to our strengths. It's a balancing act we perform every day, right from conceiving the thought/idea to making it into a tangible, functional object and everything that lies in-between. 

What sets us apart is the emotion and connection with the object is much more than just its function. Therefore, a lot of thought goes into every aspect of our design, translating them into something that holds more value in the experience/interaction and memory rather than just the physical aspect of it."

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