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Tale of Petrikor - Essence of Earth

Tale of Petrikor - Essence of Earth

The very idea of doing something sustainable and naturally conceived from the love of Nature. Today whatever we see around us are either made from plastic or metal. Even the earthen diyas of Diwali are replaced by rice lights, these items of daily use might seem convenient today but are a threat for tomorrow. 

The like-minded founding members of Petrikor - Sinta Sengupta Paul,
Paulami Das and Nilanjana Mitra had one thing very clear that whatever they do must agree with Mother Earth.

One fine afternoon, while having their usual chit-chat over a cup of tea, the ladies noticed a huge pile of plastic cups near the tea stall. Earlier, especially in West Bengal, tea was served in small earthen cups called 'Maatir Bhhar,' which were sustainable compared to today's plastic and paper cups. They visited the potters and observed that Terracotta, once an affluent art form in Bengal, is losing its significance. The artisans and craftsmen are also suffering due to this plastic age. Thus the idea of Petrikor - Essence of Earth envisaged.

Petrikor aims for greener earth by encouraging the use of Earthen items instead of less sustainable options. It also dreams of reviving Terracotta and its artisans globally by introducing various terracotta items in an affordable range so that people can add them to their daily lives and take a step towards a healthier tomorrow.

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