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Story Behind AT Plants - customize your next plant gift!

Story Behind AT Plants - customize your next plant gift!

"AT Plants was originated when I felt a need for real plant favors and gifts. The need for a luxury plant gifting service at all times has been a consistent desire for me." says Ankita Baweja Thakur, the founder of the brand.

"Customized real plant gift orders as per customer needs and preferences is something that was lacking in the market. Therefore, my constant effort is to create something new and different regarding the environment and Mother Nature for the market.

While growing up, I have often exchanged flowers on various occasions with my loved ones. However, in my head, I have always felt that in the end, they serve no purpose after some time as they last only for a few days. This brought me closer to my idea of gifting plants. As a child, I have always loved gardening. I love green surroundings, and I believe they bring a lot of positive vibes and strength.

I know my vision of a successful plant company is not far as our clients continue to love our products more than I thought. I am extremely happy and satisfied with how the brand has received so much love in little time."

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