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Story Behind Akway - a vegan home decor brand

Story Behind Akway - a vegan home decor brand

"Akway deals in vegan home decor and kitchen decor items. You can find a variety of wicker baskets, trays, lamps, handbags, storage baskets, laundry baskets, and much more at my shop. For all those who choose to go with vegan products, this is the right place for you." says Aashish.

"All the products are made of cane and steam beech wood, which is sourced from Assam. I have a large manufacturing unit in Assam and a small workshop in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I do the designing of the products and my team of workers do the manufacturing.

My team and I are focused on providing the best quality products for the customers and hence each product is carefully handcrafted.

This business was started by my father in 2008 and I joined in 2016, after completing my graduation.

My father has taught me the basics of this business and hence instilled in me a sense of designing."


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