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Popularizing the Stylish Bamboo and Cane Furniture from the North-East!

Popularizing the Stylish Bamboo and Cane Furniture from the North-East!

"BahCane is a blend word of “Bah”, an Assamese word for bamboo, and “Cane”. The first of its kind in India, our products are made of eco-friendly, sustainable, and long-lasting material- laminated and polished bamboo and rattan, hence, keeping your environment-friendly interests in mind, while giving your space a delicate and sophisticated touch. Both the raw materials are found in abundance in the North-East and Eastern part of India, mostly Assam and Jharkhand, where our company is based out of." says Harsh.

"North-East India has always been home to a large number of traditional arts made from rattan and bamboo because of the influence of Tribal culture in the region. These organic materials have been used to construct traditional homes, weapons such as shields and spears, baskets, and other crafted items that are native to the seven sister states.

Bahcane- founders

Over the years, the modernization of many parts of the North East has urbanized a lot of the culture. However, traditional crafting still plays a vital role in the region due to the abundance and versatility of the resource, especially where rural areas are concerned. BahCane is all about taking the best of traditional crafting and applying it to the needs of a more diverse population of customers with modern tastes and aesthetics.

Our furniture line is influenced by modern minimalism and finding beauty through efficiency. BahCane offers a winning combination of providing mid to high-end, high-quality furniture and home accessories with little or no cost to the environment. BahCane’s Customers can take pride in the fact that they are not only receiving high quality and beautifully crafted products but also making the planet a better place by purchasing goods that are environmentally friendly and highly renewable.

Our vision is to provide our customers with only the finest in bamboo home furniture and décor items. We strive to ensure that our products represent quality, style, and elegance; that’s why we use only the best materials, work with only the best craftsmen and provide the best service. The idea is to popularize the use of stylish bamboo and cane furniture and move away from conventional wood, moving towards a sustainable future."

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