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Inspiration behind Planting Stories!

Inspiration behind Planting Stories!

"The idea behind starting this online store is all about planting beautiful stories with products lovingly sourced from incredible people from all over the country! Our Mission is to create a community of plant, nature and art lovers who can support and grow together.

From aiming to make sustainable living accessible to creating beautiful handcrafted products that revive India's dying traditional arts, every brand listed on the store has its own story, and each one is absolutely amazing." says Rajlaxmi, Founder, Planting Stories

She further adds, "I, along with my team at Planting Stories, create hand-made plant arrangements and terrariums.

When I say team, I mean Mohan, the spine of our brand, and my bonsai guru! We also have Django and Mamboo, who love being around the plants and admire greenery just as much as we do.

We have our workshop in Delhi. But since I also live in Lucknow, I often carry products with me there. Since all our products are made of delicate material, shipping them anywhere, outside Delhi or Lucknow, is currently not possible. However, I keep sharing tips and videos to help you create your own arrangement.

More about me, so I love to travel and explore different places. I don't live in one place. I often leave for the mountains cause that's where I wish to belong. That's the reason my husband and I are working on a project - Whispering Tales. The delay of this one was the reason why I started Planting Stories!"

However, it has grown so much since then. So, I decided to create this website to promote ethical shopping and encourage local brands, sellers and artisans, as I am one myself!" 

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