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Handcrafting innovative products for Urban India | Urbaine Décor

Handcrafting innovative products for Urban India | Urbaine Décor

"We realized that Indian households were becoming increasingly house proud and looking for ways to decorate their homes in a style and modern ways keeping eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind. At the same time, we also felt that there is a find for luxury products at affordable prices. This led us to capitalize on that void, and Urbaine Décor was born." says Shikha, co-founder of Urbaine Decor.

"Launched in May 2019, Urbaine Décor is an innovative home décor, gifting and lifestyle brand providing the best quality products with unique ideas.

At Urbaine Décor, our artisans work with joy, no pretence and dollops of relevance. There is always something unique and unpredictable – a thumbprint against standardization. We have a deep connection with nature and all things natural. This inspires us to produce everything pure, original and handcrafted. We love nature and everything sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly. Hence all the raw materials used by our artisans follow the same guidelines.

Urbaine literally means "from the city". We are a modern brand helping and promoting the talent of artisans coming from various states of India and making innovative products for Urban India.

From Macrame Triple Planter to Storage jars with Figurines, our products have been flying off the shelves."

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