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Creating Natural Handmade Vegan Products- Miraaki

Creating Natural Handmade Vegan Products- Miraaki

"For us, Miraaki is a dream driven by a group of passionate people who believe in giving back to the planet and community. Whether it be Natural vegan products to the customer, empowering women in rural areas, making them self-dependent, or giving education to underprivileged children who want to study." says Ruchika, Co-founder Miraaki.

"Miraaki is all about believing in "Love moves the world!" Which becomes our Motto!

The products are made, packed, and dispatched with tonnes of love and care that can be given to one and all, along with the goodness of nature.

The dream is to give a product that is not only good for Skin, Hair, and Face but also adds value to society, as 10% of the profits from all our sales is shared for educating rural children.

The handmade, organic soaps by Miraaki are just a start for the future, where we plan to give all sorts of Personal care quality products."

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