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Creating most elegant and exclusive lighting products - Voylite

Creating most elegant and exclusive lighting products - Voylite

"Light is much more than a fundamental need; it is a living substance to express ideas and explore emotions, make sense of human history, and brighten our present." says Sagar Rathi, Founder, Voylite.

"Voylite is the combination of VIOLET + LIGHT. At Voylite, we come to work every day with the motto of bringing you the most elegant and exclusive lighting products to freshen up every corner of your living space. Our handpicked collection is sourced from local and international markets by our team of master curators bringing forth their imagination, tradition, and love for great designs in lighting. The result is a product line suited for different modern and classical design philosophies across cultural styles.

Voylite Buy Decorative Lights Online - Luxury Lighting

Voylite presents unique designs made with inspiring stories reflected in our products. You see the quirkiness and imagination everywhere, from the delightful product names to the amusing products themselves. We invite you to explore a whole new world of lighting, and we are sure you will love our collection."

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