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Converting fabric scraps to striking collectibles - Story of Diti

Converting fabric scraps to striking collectibles - Story of Diti

Diti – in Sanskrit means an idea, splendor and the earth goddess.’
It is an amalgamation of everything beautiful, an artistic adventure with different mediums and creating them into a wearable art piece.

The brand ‘DITI’ started with a very simple idea of creating small accessories using and experimenting with different materials available around me and materials I would find during my travels, like; fabric, wood, stones from the riverside, newspaper etc.

I was in my 3rd year of graduation, interning at a design studio in Auroville as a content creator, where I learnt about slow and responsible fashion. I found a little piece of leftover fabric around my workspace, which made me explore the space beyond my laptop screen. I started creating small hair accessories using handmade leftover fabric I’d find in the production room. I developed an immense love for handmade fabric, and I just could not see it go to waste. After graduating, I took up various experiences and projects in the field of design and got back to creating accessories using fabric. My first exhibition gave me a real break to introduce my pieces to people. That experience was my calling to start my venture. I was earning from my commercial projects and invested in my brand.

DITI believes in telling a story through bold and statement fashion and home art pieces by using various materials, like discarded fabric from local boutiques and tailors, a handwoven fabric from craft people and jute. Each piece tells a story through its process, taking inspiration from local communities and inspirational figures and emotions using a variety of materials.

As we see the world gradually shifting to fast practices, DITI appreciates the slow and handmade process of creating products, from sourcing fabric from craftsmen to creating each product by hand. Paying attention to small details and turning complex inspiration into a simple design.

The word “Diti” in Sanskrit means an idea, splendour and earth goddess. Much like its meaning, DITI was the result of a simple idea to undertake artistic adventures by using various materials like discarded fabric, jute, wood, and stones and creating them into beautiful wearable art pieces telling their own story. The brand handcrafts fashion and home accessories inspired by strong personalities and communities explored through travels and emotions using local craft techniques.

Through our process, we aim to create a social and environmental impact by building a team of local women to create the products.

At DITI, we source leftover fabric from local boutiques, designers, and tailors. We get our fabric from Indian craftsmen; Block printers, and weavers for our art home décor pieces. Every little snippet of fabric that is left behind during production gets used in our accessories and is not gone in the landfill.

Our products are packed in fabric bags created using discarded fabric and paper bags.

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