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Why Buying Local is great for you & the planet?

Why Buying Local is great for you & the planet?

The world is coming closer than ever, distances are reduced, and staying in touch is far easier. A perfect scenario for many of us!

However, the power of technology, accessibility to new global markets, and various brands are available at an ease of fingertips; all this comes at the cost of our lives and planets.

On the one hand, the production of fast-moving goods on large scales leads to the exploitation of nature and its resources. It adds to the high pollution levels, energy utilization, and harmful waste. In fact, it has been claimed that factories are to blame for as much as 2/3rds of the pollution that has caused climate change. As per a report published by Mckinsey, The fashion industry accounts for around 4% of global GHG emissions. Equivalent to the combined annual GHG emissions of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Not to mention the carbon footprint that we add to this by getting our favorite brands of perfumes and clothing imported to us.

We need to understand how all these activities will impact us and the environment. To combat this influence on nature and bring the change, one should opt for steps to make a balance. Going local and buying more local products provides environmental benefits as well benefits to humans. 

Still not convinced why you should shop local? Well, we have listed down some more reasons. Go ahead-

1. It helps the local economy

As local businesses do not require bigger infrastructure and maintenance, these positively affect the economy. Also, the locally owned businesses mark major economic impact by creating more local jobs and hence, the money remains within that society. They are the major source of employment in smaller geographic areas. Unlike global products, local products are cheaper, as they don’t much add up the packaging or shipping charges.

Besides these benefits, local businesses can also encourage to opt for entrepreneurial ventures and make people independent. Read the stories of these inspiring Indian brands.

2. Preserves and promotes local art and artisans

Local products provide great support and promotion to the traditional art and culture. Handmade, locally crafted items help small businesses and local artisans to preserve their skills and talents. You can show your love for the dying ancient arts and help them revive by choosing and buying local. 

House of Planting Stories has products that aim to revive the traditional arts and products like-  terracotta, coconut shell crafts, cane and rattan products, metal art, wooden art, banana fiber products, and glass art.

3. Reduced Wastage

Items manufactured locally help in reduced wastage postproduction as these are developed in a limited count and with optimal resource utilization. Simple and minimal packaging materials also help in reducing wastage. 

According to scientists in 2010, around eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the ocean. This was expected to increase ten-fold over the next decades. Plastic is a global issue and it can be easily combated by choosing reusable over plastic.

There are many local brands that are creating upcycled products to help reduce the burden of dealing with waste material.

4. Concerns over climate change

Often local businesses involve items that are locally available and made with natural biodegradable products and ingredients. These have no or minimal harmful impact on nature and hence reduce carbon footprints. 

5. Greater access to product diversity

Local businesses maintain smaller inventory and therefore offer a variety of fresh and unique designs and products. They are open to innovating and blending different art styles to present a unique product range. Such items withstand the test of time with their durable and superior quality.

6. Because you care

Buying local is a perfect way to show your support and appreciation towards local artisans and their skills. Buying from local businesses will make a positive impact on the people associated with it. Buying mass-produced products can feel cold and impersonal. These local items are made with utmost love, care & passion.

Take a step ahead and switch to local products, making a substantial positive impact on your life and the planet. Your purchase can keep lost skills alive and bring a smile to someone’s life.

Let us promise to do our bit in keeping the planet green and alive. 

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