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10 Reasons to choose Planting Story to pick your next gift.

10 Reasons to choose Planting Story to pick your next gift.

We understand how tedious it can get when you are planning to give someone a gift. Because you would want to give something meaningful, unique, and the best product out there to make someone feel special. Sometimes even after trying so hard and spending so much time and effort to find that special gift, we end up giving the same usual gifts.

But not anymore. We are here to help you find that perfect gift for your special one. At planting stories, you'll find loads of unique pieces to gift. 

Don't believe us? 

Learn why planting stories should be your next shop to pick your next gift. 


We are sure you wouldn't be able to resist getting your next gift from planting stories after knowing the reasons.

Here are why you should choose planting stories to pick your next gift.


1. A perfect destination for someone who believes in sustainability

Planting stories make sustainable lifestyles more accessible to people all around. Many people want to shift to a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a better living and environment. Our mission is to make that one-stop shop to find everything sustainable.


2. Supports local artisans

At planting stories, we have made an effort to support and encourage local artisans to grow and reach a wider audience. Buying from local artisans assures you that you will receive a high-quality product as they are not likely to produce in mass.

3. Making tradition a trend

Today's generation falls in love with the trend more than the traditions. We aim to make those traditional pieces a trend with a touch of modernity. Making a tradition will make people fall for these traditional pieces and urge them to buy more such products.


4. Reasonable price

We strive to get these products for you at as fair a price as possible. We understand that people want to lead a life of sustainability and create a healthy environment for their kids. Unfortunately, people have made sustainability a luxury that only some can afford. We have tried our best to keep the prices reasonable. The prices stated have been decided carefully by keeping in mind that the local vendor also makes a fair profit for the effort they make, and you get them as reasonably priced. We believe that reasonable prices will encourage people to move towards sustainability.


5. Helping to revive dying traditional arts

We all know that many traditions in our country are on the verge of dying. Planting stories want to contribute to saving them and making them as popular as we can. Because traditions, once they die, will never come back, we do not want that to happen. So, if you love traditional things and want to keep them alive, you must get these and give them to someone special.

6. Wide range variety

The range of products which you will find is quite wide. We have every range from home decor to self-care, cutleries to jewelry. The main reason to have such a wide range is that any person visiting our store can find 'n' number of varieties to choose from. Our goal is to make our store a one-stop destination for a range of sustainable products. 

We wouldn't want anyone looking for some sustainable product to find them in our store. 


7. Everything is environmentally friendly.

We hope that you have an idea that we are a huge well-wisher of a better environment and life. So, each product you find on planting stories does no harm or little harm to the environment. We want to create a beautiful and healthy environment for the next generation. So, this is our way of contributing and making it close to possible. 

You too can do your share of it by buying any product from our store.


8. Unique products

There are a lot of products in our store which you wouldn't find in bulk quantities.

The reason is that we at planting stories try to handpick a unique or less talked about traditional piece and bring it to our customers. Most of our products are rarely found elsewhere. This is our way to bridge the gap between tradition and our customers. 


9. Easy to explore

On our website, we have made a special category called 'gift ideas' where you can surf products according to your budget. The 'Gift Ideas' category is mainly for saving time in finding the best gift under your budget rather than going through various products.

This will make your experience of shopping from planting stories a cakewalk.


10. Heaven for gardeners

If you are contemplating what to give your gardener friend, look nowhere. Duh! You must know that you are going to find a vast number of products for gardening at PLANTING stories. 

At planting stories, you will find a treasure full of cute planters, pots, miniature garden figurines, etc., for plant parents or plant lovers. And these products are unique and lovely, which will instantly brighten up the aesthetic of any existing garden.

We are sure that you will be tempted now to shop from our store. Now you know exactly where to visit for your next special and unique gift. 

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