FREE shipping on all orders. Shop now! is all set to encourage people to shop ethically. is all set to encourage people to shop ethically.
Planting Stories has announced the launch of its new website that offering a range of handmade and ethically sourced products.

Talking about the expansion, Rajlaxmi Singh Yadav, Founder, Planting Stories, says, "The idea behind starting this online store is all about planting beautiful stories with products lovingly sourced from incredible people from all over the country! Our Mission is to create a community of plant, nature and art lovers who can support and grow together.

From aiming to make sustainable living accessible to creating beautiful handcrafted products that revive India's dying traditional arts, every brand listed on the store has its own story, and each one is absolutely amazing."

She further adds, "My team and I carefully picked every product in the store to meet the needs of urban Indian homes. All our products are proudly handmade in India and fairly priced to help small-scale artisans sustain themselves."

Planting Stories is a brand offering various handcrafted products and more that aims to make your everyday beautiful. The brand has sellers from all around the country offering locally sourced products inspired by the values and learning from the Indian culture. They aim to encourage basic sustainable living in people, promoting earth-friendly handmade products and more.

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