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Handcasting Memories | Story of Komal

Handcasting Memories | Story of Komal

"My journey started on a rather personal note. As a teenager, like many others, my life was also set. The path I was going to tread on was predetermined. After pursuing my Masters, I started working with a bank. After working there for five years, I became disillusioned with this monotonous life, Covid turned out to be a real decisive point in my life.

I lost my mother to Covid, and it was this loss that made me realise the importance of holding on to loved ones and their memories. I decided to transform my loss and grief into other people's happiness." says Komal while sharing her story.

"It was here that I came up with the idea of Kaash with utmost support from my brother, who stood by me and encouraged me. I studied casting and moulding from Noida and decided to turn this venture into a one-stop destination for all those who wish to hold on to precious memories and cherish them forever.

It was scary to start a business and do something entirely different from the crowd. But, I had made up my mind and I went ahead and followed my dreams. I feel that my work and technique are different from others. I let my work do the talking and try to remain optimistic in the journey. Sure, there is cut-throat competition around me, but I choose not to get pressured by it and go on doing my work with the same positive attitude."

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