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From Threads to Tassels | Story of Tahreem

From Threads to Tassels | Story of Tahreem

“My name is Tahreem Faruqui Rushda. I am the founder of Crafts Projects. We are a small business based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Every business story is unique in its way, and so is mine. The idea of starting my own home-based company came to mind when I was a first-year Undergraduate Student at Integral University. As a teenager, I was deeply attracted to junk jewellery, particularly earrings. My cupboard was full of multicoloured danglers, tops, etc. Over time, I developed such a knack for them that I started looking for very specific designs whenever I went to the market. They were not always easy to find. So, one fine day, in an attempt to make myself a pair of handmade earrings, I sketched out some designs and then sat down to execute them. Using just a few items, I successfully made my first pair of dangle earrings which received immense appreciation from my family.

This was the beginning of my journey in the field of handmade jewellery. My sister, who is based in the States, urged me to take this forward, not as a hobby but as a full-time job. I give her due credit for supporting me and providing me with the necessary raw materials and resources for setting up the business.

Over time, I came up with more designs and turned them into 100 per cent handmade earrings. I set up my first stall at an exhibition in College, which was a huge success. My products were very well received by the teachers and the students. The exhibition was sold out. This was just the first exhibition in many more to come. In the following years, I set up stalls not only in college exhibitions but also in esteemed exhibitions in the city, like Dastkaari, Sanatkada and Ikaai.

I am extremely thankful to my parents for supporting me in this endeavour and always believing in me. They pushed me to turn a hobby into a full-time job. I am extremely proud of how far I have come in the journey of making others happy with my products. Besides earrings, we also make necklaces, bracelets and flower jewellery for weddings. As a part of my expansionist policy, I have turned another hobby into a job. My interest in calligraphy is also displayed in the products I make and sell. We specialise in Arabic, Hindi and English Calligraphy writing and wall art.


I feel personally connected to every product that I make. It is not just my source of income; and it is the biggest joy in my life. To be self-dependent is what I always dreamed of.”

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