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The ultimate guide to giving your garden a vintage look

The ultimate guide to giving your garden a vintage look

Nowadays, our love for vintage things has increased. Be it any tourist spot, hotel, restaurant, or home decor, we are head over heels in love with antique pieces. There are multiple reasons to love vintage things. People might wonder about the exact reason. The reasons can be nostalgia or the love to keep the old Indian traditions alive. It could symbolize another important fact: people want to keep older things to remain close to their traditional backgrounds. 

Now, here comes the question what is a vintage garden? Why are people drooling over this idea? Plant lovers and those who love sustainable items. Due to many reasons, people are bending towards sustainable items. Most plant lovers desire eco-friendly items. When decking up the garden, plant lovers prefer sustainable items to give their garden a vintage royal look.

What should a vintage garden look like?

As the concept of vintage is in fashion, the balcony and the gardens have a look & feel of vintage. It should have a pavilion or an oval shape to get a perfect vintage garden look. If your garden is spacious enough, you can put old paintings or sculptures. You can keep a table and a bench as well. You can go for some cottage-style decorations for plants, or you can go for an overgrown, informal style that will give you a feeling of nostalgia and medieval times. Most importantly, it would be best if you opted for natural, soft-blooming flowers.


Here are 10 ways how you can give your garden a vintage look-

  1. Vertical Garden- If you do not have much space, you can opt for this option. Vertical gardens are trending nowadays. You can keep a few more plants there. You can keep a ladder and put the unique planters to give it a vintage effect.
  2. Old Bicycle- If you have a spacious garden, you can keep an old bicycle and put all the colorful, bright flower trees onto it. You can color the bicycle all white to emphasize more on the vintage theme.
  3. Bottles- Take bottles and hang them and use them as planters. You may color or decorate the bottles the way you want.
  4. Concrete Planter- The concrete planter is versatile and adds more definition to the vintage style. Painting it all green can add the desired style and taste effect.
  5. Use a mailbox- If you have an old mailbox in your home, you can hang some tub planters there and give it a different look. To give a rustic feel, put some bright color flowers over there.
  6. Vintage wall Décor: You can put some rustic or metal wall décor items to give the extra vibe to the vintage theme.
  7. Statue and miniature items- You can put metal fairy statues to add youthfulness to your garden. Various kinds of miniature items to put in the garden will make the garden look more appealing and cool.
  8. Antique chair and plates- If you have an old broken chair, do not throw it. Please add flower-printed plates on the wall to give your garden corner a vintage feel. You can use them as planters.
  9. Add some unconventional Items- A garden always looks more beautiful when a few elements seem out of place. If you have old teapots, kettles, and even metal pots, you can use them as tree planters.
  10. Use Terracotta Planters- Terracotta planters also give an essence of a vintage vibe. These pots are the best for those plants which dry out before giving water. Plant Parents also like these kinds of items because they are sustainable and eco-friendly.


Where can you find the items to give your garden a vintage look?


We at Planting Stories provide various planters, miniature, and décor items. They are made up of sustainable, eco-friendly items manufactured by local artisans of India. We always encourage the local artisans and their work so that the culture and the art stay revived. Most importantly, they are reasonable, and you can afford them easily. If you want to gift anything or are a plant parent, Planting Stories is a true paradise. In this era, youngsters are running behind trends and virality. We aim to combine trend and tradition. You can find these beautiful, traditional items with a touch of modernism.

If you want to give your garden a vintage and classy look, you can visit our website, and you will be amazed by our beautiful collection of gift and decor items.

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