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Let's Spill the beans on how to do terrariums

Let's Spill the beans on how to do terrariums

You have already listened to a lot about terrariums if you love gardening. It's about having a transparent container and growing trees inside it.Terrariums require a lot of maintenance. But, in reality, they are low maintenance, a space saver, and a great addition to the aesthetics of any home or office. People who don't have much space in their garden or home can keep terrariums easily.They are easy to care for, which is the biggest perk of having terrariums.

Terrariums have become popular and have been around for 150 years. Terrariums can be grown in two types of containers: sealed or open. You can grow a mini-ecosystem in a glass or plastic container.Closed terrariums require less maintenance; as the plants and soil emit vapour, the vapour collects on the terrarium walls, recycling the water.They are very easy to care for. They require no water or very little water, like a few drops. You need to remove the lid of the sealed container to purify the air.

As we all know, terrariums can grow in open and closed containers. Let's discuss how it works and what the difference is between them:

Closed Terrariums

They are very easy to care for. A closed terrarium is a miniature ecosystem that has everything it needs to flourish on its own. The plants get nutrients from the soil; thus, plants grow, die, and return the nutrients to the soil. In a miniature water cycle, water evaporates and maintains its balance. Plants and soil both release moisture and water vapour.The vapour gets condensed on the walls of the terrarium and falls back into the soil of the terrarium. The water cycle looks like an ecosystem; moisture rises when the temperature is high and falls when the temperature lowers.The closed terrariums also need light, but they thrive in indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn the plants inside the containers, as the glass material of the containers can create a greenhouse effect due to excessive sunlight. You need to remove the lid of the container once in a while to purify the air inside.Plants that thrive inside a closed terrarium love moisture and don't require much pruning. Compact plants are preferable for enclosed terrariums if you want to avoid pruning.

Open Terrariums

An open terrarium is open to the outside world. They don't need much moisture, as they thrive under the sun. They are getting enough air circulation. The water cycle is not similar to that of a closed terrarium.It is always best to use cacti or succulents in open terrariums. It is mandatory to water the plants every couple of weeks; they need direct sunlight to thrive and flourish.Both terrariums are great to have by your side, enhancing the beauty of your home or office. It is very enjoyable to take care of them and watch them grow.

Terrarium Container

If you have decided which kind of terrarium you want, it's time to select your container. Selecting a container is very easy if you opt for open terrariums. You can choose a clear round dish or bowl and even go for hanging glass planters. For a closed terrarium, you can select tall glass containers with lids, which you can easily get in a nursery shop, or use some cookie glass jars or any lidded or plastic containers.


Proper drainage in a terrarium is very important for growing a terrarium. The drainage layers assure the longevity of the plant, and it has to be maintained to grow proper environment. Every layer serves an important purpose. For open terrariums, the layer should go like this- pebbles, soil, charcoal and Rocks. For closed terrariums, the layer order should be like soil, charcoal and rocks.

Perks of having a terrarium

Terrariums have numerous advantages, including the ability to grow plants that are difficult to grow in dry air. They create a mini ecosystem in your garden; you can use LED lights effectively there. The best part of having terrariums is that they don't need to be watered often.

What if the terrarium starts getting bugs?

Terrarium plants are generally very affordable, and it's always better to check for bugs before buying them from the nursery store. Even if your plants start getting bugs, buying insecticidal soap from local shops or putting down pebbles or rocks to avoid overwatering is recommended.

Doubts before having a terrarium


  • You may have heard of this thing about whether terrariums smell bad. But it is not true. They smell nice and give off a beautiful earthy odour, unless the plants have rotten roots.
  • There are plenty of queries regarding whether the orchid terrarium is possible. Let us tell you one thing: orchids are perfect for terrariums as these flowers prefer humidity. You can pair them with succulents and air mosses.
  • Terrariums can last several years or longer if they are well-maintained. Terrariums can also be an attractive option to gift anyone, as they require less maintenance and don't need much attention.

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