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8 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Home

8 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Home

How often have you bought a certain beautiful or interesting-looking plant on a whim only to find yourself picking dead leaves off the floor a few weeks later? Well, this happens with all of the first-time Gardeners.

But there are always plants out there that are foolproof, forgiving, and almost hard to kill. Here are a few of my favorites for you to get started on your gardening journey- 

Peace Lily - The gleaming leaves with white blooms bring a sense of calm and balance to your house. According to NASA, the peace lily plant is one of the most effective air purifiers. As a result, there will be no dangerous contaminants in your home if you have peace lilies. You can enjoy clean, safe air. Watch it grow in your bathroom or any other shady location. 

For beginners, it could be alarming to see that one day your beloved plant is looking gorgeous and thriving, and then the very next day, you find all the leaves and stems drooping over in its pot. Yes, it happened to me many times. Don't worry; simply water immediately, let the plant soak it up, and water again. That’s it— your peace lily will be back on track! Just remember, they love humidity and consistently moist soil, but they definitely don’t like to sit in standing water. 

Ponytail Palm - This plant has high endurance capacities and can thrive in the harshest of conditions with very little care and water. All of this without showing any signs of distress!

It is the most obvious choice because, in addition to being quite hardy, this plant is also extremely beautiful and aesthetically pleasing! For me, this is an absolute no-brainer!

Unless you are away from home for weeks and have no means to water the plant, you won't be able to destroy it!

This plant is succulent, in case you didn't know. YES! And, as a succulent, it just requires a small amount of water every 2-3 weeks.

It prefers bright, indirect sunlight and does not require a lot of humidity.

Spider Plant - Spider plants can be kept in upside-down or hanging planters. This bushy plant will brighten your home. It's one of the easiest low-maintenance indoor plants to keep alive and produces a lot of oxygen. Another notable feature of this plant is that it removes carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde from the air. Spider plants are non-toxic, so don't worry if you have dogs or children at home. 

They will grow in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, semi-shady, or gloomy nooks. They are not particularly thirsty plants, so you may wait 2-3 days before watering them. Best to wait before the top few layers of the soil feels dry before watering it thoroughly.

English Ivy - This is one of the "Universal Plants," along with the Spider Plant, that is good for everything and has a few added benefits in addition to being minimal care.

Low light tolerance and hanger-friendly is the word for it!

One of the easiest low-maintenance indoor plants for a beginner!

The English Ivy prefers medium light, although it can also thrive in somewhat low light. With increasing light levels, it flourishes and continues to produce variegated leaves, as do all variegated species.

Indoor English Ivy does not become out of hand. It is, however, aesthetically beautiful and enjoyable to use its long trailing branches to create unique wall or wire decorations!

This is a plant to be aware of if you have small children or pets, as the leaves and berries are somewhat harmful to humans, cats, and dogs.

Snake Plant - Another hardy member of the best low-maintenance indoor plants family. It has beautiful dark green leaves.

Snake plants have numerous advantages:

  • They flourish in any lighting circumstances, so if you have a dark spot in your home that needs a plant, this is the plant for you!
  • They only need to be watered every 2-3 weeks, and you may stretch it even farther.
  • They filter the air around them, making them an ideal plant for bedrooms!
  • They can flourish in any humidity level.
  • They are pest-resistant, which means they will keep bugs and insects out of your home.




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